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Increased efficiency, lean processes and control are vital factors for business success. Our strong, renewable materials and industrial packaging solutions can support your efforts and increase profit and sustainability across the entire value chain. Both by helping you get better control and increasing process efficiency as well as by creating a better work environment. Our innovative sacks like BillerudKorsnäs QuickFill® Clean, and our advanced corrugated solutions for automotive and heavy spare parts are good examples. 

Together with our partners we can help you take control of your value chain. Make your packaging more cost-efficient through the product life cycle. Lower your carbon footprint and increase user experience.

With renewable and strong packaging materials, creative design and end-to-end approach we develop packaging solutions with direct, positive impact on your business. Bottom line: We can provide you with sustainable packaging solutions and materials that increase productivity while reducing material usage, loss and wastage.

Industrial Packaging Materials

Sack Paper


Kraft Paper Speciality


QuickFill Clean® - breathe naturally

QuickFill Clean is the latest innovation in the cement industry allowing cement manufacturers that use woven polypropylene (WPP) sacks to...

Challenge your eco-footprint

Sadly, a good amount of the things we throw away aren’t naturally compostable, and should never be treated as such. In fact, many of them take...

Nothing should last forever neither should packaging

Four billion tonnes of waste are produced in the world every year and plastic particles can be found in all our oceans. How will that impact the...