Our organization follows the business flow and is built around three areas of responsibility: Wood Supply, Operations and Commercial. The resources for sustainability, innovation and strategy are gathered in a common function: Sustainability & Strategic Development.

Organisational flow

Organisational structure and flow

Our new organisational structure was introduced to pave the way for increased efficiency. The new organisation follows the business flow: Wood supply, Operations and Commercial. The organisational change resulted in a new reporting structure comprising the operating segments Product area Board, Product area Paper and Solutions and other.

The business is organised into the business flow functions Commercial, Operations and Wood supply and is governed through the product areas Board and Paper. In addition, we offer packaging solutions and related services to brand owners.

Wood supply

Wood from growing forests is our most important raw material resource in the drive to challenge conventional packaging. Long-term
relationships and partnerships are crucial in a business that by nature needs to be long-term


BillerudKorsnäs’ production facilities are modern and geographically well located, close to the wood raw material. We strive to increase production stability and availability through targeted improvement work.


All commercial activities are gathered in Commercial. In selected premium segments, our aim is to increase customers’ ompetitiveness
and create new applications for our products.