Strategy for the future

BillerudKorsnäs’ strategic platform combined with strategic targets is a powerful tool for the company’s future development and success.

  • Our mission BillerudKorsnäs’ mission – to challenge conventional packaging or a sustainable future – describes the purpose of our business. It guides the way we think, what we do and how we communicate.

Here are our four prioritized areas:

  • Drive performance
    The overall operational performance is key for future investments in capacity, innovation and solutions. Initiatives within this area includes: safe and stable production, cost reduction program, standardized way of working, CO2-footprint and competitive wood supply. 
  • Profitable growth by creating customer value
    A competitive asset- and product portfolio long-term is vital for profitable growth. Initiatives within this area seek to maximize customer benefits and our profitability by focusing on attractive pockets of products, segments, regions and customers, creating deeper market understanding of our customer and our customers’ customer as well as increased production
  • Accelerate speed in innovation
    Execution on our strong innovation portfolio is essential if we are to be relevant long-term. The initiatives focus on increasing speed to market by a well-defined product development and focused commercialization process, honing in on fewer innovations to gain speed and executing on our flagship pipeline i.e. Paper battery, Paper bottle etc.
  • Expand in the value chain
    Expansion in the value chain concerns all three divisions. Initiatives are to create organic growth as well as growth through acquisitions. In Division Solutions, focus will be on service-based systems and new packaging solutions for brand owners – both with our own material and others. In Board and Paper divisions, solutions will increase customer value and drive own material sales.

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