Strategy for sustainable solutions and profitable growth

BillerudKorsnäs’ strategic platform combined with strategic targets is a powerful tool for the company’s future development and success. 

Our mission

We challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future – describes the purpose of our business.It guides the way we think, what we do and how we communicate. For us, sustainability is the business opportunity of the future. Our mission

Profitable growth is a crucial factor in challenging less sustainable packaging solutions over time.

Long-term, profitable growth in materials and solutions is crucial for the Group’s ability to continue investing in the future – investments that challenge and enable growth in our primary fibre-based materials and packaging solutions. Profitable growth

To achieve profitable growth, we are intensifying our work within four strategic areas.

Our strategy, split into four categories, is a driver of profitability and growth.

  • Position – Expand in the value chains. Position
  • Innovation –Turn good ideas into new solutions and materials. Innovation
  • Sustainability – Integrate and improve in everything we do. Sustainability
  • Effectiveness –Drive a  customer focused approach. Effectiveness

Maintaining a customer focus at all times, BillerudKorsnäs’ 4 400 employees are the people driving the change that is needed to realise the strategy and achieve our ultimate purpose – a sustainable future.

The employees will drive the work on managing change. Engaging the workforce and getting everyone on board requires a clear set of values, communicative leadership and an attractive and safe workplace with good diversity. Innovation and openness to other people’s ideas are crucial for the success of the development and change management work. People drive change

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