Our purpose – to challenge  conventional packaging for a sustainable future

Our purpose clearly sets out why we exist and how we view our role in society. Challenging the conventional and thinking outside the box are essential if we are to develop the innovative and sustainable packaging solutions our planet needs, hand in hand with our customers and partners.

Favourable megatrends and regulatory changes increase demand for our products and services. With our broad and in-depth knowledge of how the material can be used and how packaging should be designed and constructed to best serve its purposes, we have excellent opportunities to add value for our customers. The strategic importance of our strong position in sustainability, has never been more vital and sustainability issues that are critical for our competitiveness are fully integrated into our strategy.


Our strategic priorities

  • Drive performance
    A stable business is key for future investments in capacity, innovation and packaging solutions. We improve the foundation that is needed to drive performance by five initiatives. Read more
  • Drive profitable growth by creating customer value
    A long-term competitive asset and product portfolio is crucial for continued profitable growth. We are constantly working to improve our offering and increase the competitiveness of our customers. Read more
  • Accelerate the speed of innovation
    Bringing innovations to market is crucial for our long-term success. We are working in close collaboration with customers and partners to develop innovative solutions that improve the use of the earth’s resources. Read more
  • Expand in the value chain
    Our ability to add value for our customers and their customers will determine the success of our strategic repositioning, with all three divisions expanding along the value chain in various ways. Read more