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Sustainable wood supply

The raw material from the forest helps us to replace finite resources with renewable materials and transition to a sustainable society. But in order for the forest to suffice, we must manage and use it responsibly.

The renewable raw material from the forest is our most important resource. We buy the wood raw material primarily from Nordic forests. This contributes to responsibly managed forests where both biodiversity and social values are taken into account, as well as enhanced climate benefits.

How we manage forestry for future generations

Purchasing according to standards

Only a small part of our wood raw material originates from forests that we own, the rest we buy from different forest owners. Three quarters of the wood is of Swedish origin. BillerudKorsnäs naturally has and follows guidelines to ensure that no wood is purchased from illegal felling operations, from forests of such appreciable natural value that they need to be preserved, or in regions marked by serious social conflicts. Swedish and European laws and regulations for forestry constitute the minimal level of requirements for BillerudKorsnäs. BillerudKorsnäs is certified according to FSC® and PEFC standards. All procurement of wood raw material conforms, at minimum, to the FSC and PEFC requirements for controlled material. See our certificates on this page: Certificates and regulatory.


Good to know about today's forestry

With the help of clear goals and action plans, BillerudKorsnäs carefully follows up its work to protect and preserve biodiversity in the forest. Find the targets and results connected to the parameters we are evaluating in our biodiversity index.

Below are some important aspects we consider:

  • The forest grows slowly and is harvested only when it reaches between 70 and 120 years. For each tree that is felled, three new ones are planted.
  • When felling, dead trees and stumps are left. The high stumps are vital for insects, fungi and small animals.
  • Clearing and thinning is well planned so that the trees that remain will have more room to grow.
  • Buffer zones are created or preserved when necessary, protecting the ecology of waterways or other sensitive biotopes.
  • Deciduous trees are favored, which promotes animal and plant life and can make the forest better manage storms.


What we do with a tree

Whenever BillerudKorsnäs fells a tree, we use it as effectively and intelligently as possible. Those parts of the trunk that feature the broadest diameter and highest quality are delivered to sawmills, while the slenderer parts are destined for our paper and board production facilities. Bark and other by-products are used as fuel in the company’s production units.

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