CrownBoard – the Mark of a New Era

CrownBoard, our new cartonboard brand, is a portfolio of three products, all made of strong, resilient 100% primary fibres from slow-growing Nordic forests. Engineered to meet the increasingly tough demands that come with a growing environmental awareness – it is climate smart: renewable, recyclable, and responsibly sourced and manufactured.

Why BillerudKorsnäs cartonboard?

Stronger and lighter outperforms. Every job. Every time. 

Greater Efficiency Gains

Lighter Environmental Impact

Improved Customer Experience

The BillerudKorsnäs difference

The recipe for stronger, lighter performance cartonboard. 

Performance cartonboards

Our stronger, lighter cartonboard offer represents an improvement across the entire "system". Our primary fibers and advanced processes are the backbone of our superior cartonboard quality. A better way in packaging production. Experience the multiplier effect of stronger, lighter cartonboard.

US presence

Our global clients asked us to make America our second “holm” - we’re thrilled we did. Our trucks are shipping daily from Pennsylvania making it more Swedish by the day We are open for business - Miami, New York, Chicago and Portland - and wherever you are. Get products that’s in demand and delivered on demand.

The most sustainable packaging company on earth

For us Swedes, putting environmental stewardship first in all we do is second nature. We're committed to better, greener packaging. It's a benefit for us all: you, your customers, and for generations to come.

The future of paper is getting closer by the day

There’s never been a more exciting time for paper - once you know what we know. Discover new ideas and better processes for your customers.


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