CrownBoard Artisan – talking to your senses

CrownBoard Artisan adds a pleasant tactile dimension to your packaging – and a sympathetic feel to your brand. With a very powerful weight/strength ratio, it is perfect for lightweighting. By reducing packaging weight, you also reduce cost as well as environmental impact.


CrownBoard Artisan

CrownBoard Artisan is silky-soft to the touch, yet it is strong – with a core of long, tensile, Nordic wood fibres and built up in multiple layers. With the tactile surface, the package makes a statement about the brand image. With the lightweighting opportunities, brands can emphasize their commitment to sustainability.

Pure choice for perfume brands

Perfume is sensual, and fragrance goes well together with a pleasant feel and a seductive visual impression. Here, CrownBoard Artisan contributes to the differentiation of the brand – adding an extra, unique element. The smooth, light-coated surface of Artisan also offers high-quality print results, which means visual impact on the shelf. > link to case/story

Touch-and-feel experience for cosmetics

In cosmetics, packaging is everything. It is a low-differentiation competition, and the name of the game is to find ways to stand out and raise expectations of the product. The touch-and-feel factor is decisive – and the shapeability that allows for small packs and complex designs. This is where CrownBoard Artisan comes into its own. > link to case/story

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Product Range

CrownBoard Artisan

White, light coated cartonboard with a silky-smooth surface. Lightweight and strong. 

235 gsm 340 µm 13.4 pt
250 gsm 390 µm 15.4 pt
270 gsm 430 µm 16.9 pt
295 gsm 465 µm 18.3 pt
320 gsm 510 µm 20.1 pt
350 gsm 560 µm 22.0 pt
380 gsm 630 µm 24.8 pt

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