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A clean environment, shelves and supply chain without compromising material strength and stability. The First Sealed Paper Packaging is a dry food packaging made from 100% primary, renewable fibres from Scandinavian forests.

Leave your competitors in the dust

Our revolutionary sealed paper bags are a result of the combination of our packaging engineering and Axello ZAP paper and the first and only vertical form, fill and seal packaging machine (VFFS) with the ZAP-Module from Bosch. The result is dry food packaging bags with the benefits of lower packaging waste fees and minimised food waste, as well as a lower eco-footprint than corresponding conventional packaging.

Form for every function

Consumers are drawn to dry food packaging that is clean and whole with good printing qualities. Winning the battle for customers puts high demands on the appearance of the sealed paper bags. Bags made of papers from the BillerudKorsnäs Axello range deliver on this, and offer great printability. Bags made of Axello are also food-safe, sustainable and suitable for a wide range of dry foods such as sugar, grain and flour.

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Learn more about our materials and solutions

We can help you create new dry food packaging, or optimise your current sealed bags. Our expertise and Pack Lab services range from insights in packaging trends and innovations, which we readily share with you, to scientific tests and analyses – giving you a truly competitive advantage.

Knowledge Sharing

Be inspired, learn more, sharpen your competitive edge with Smarter Packaging Seminars and expert knowledge about types of packaging materials, trends, innovations and sustainability.

Packaging Optimisation

Increase your competitive advantage through our packaging engineering where we evaluate, improve and optimise existing solutions.

Packaging Innovation

Get new, brand-enhancing packaging through our knowledge-driven innovation and structural packaging design that can replace a multitude of existing solutions.


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First Sealed Paper Packaging

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