The more sustainable choice to protect products and profits

RainSafe paper sacks allow you to switch from plastic sacks or upgrade your traditional paper sacks.

Get a rain-resistant sack

Avoid costly waste when throwing away sacks with lumps or otherwise wasted products. A RainSafe paper sack will protect products from rain for up to four hours – and secure product shelf life by preventing moisture ingress. The innovative sack design ensures fast and efficient filling. Upgrading to RainSafe paper sacks results in an attractive appearance and good printability.

The innovative design

1. Outer ply: Water-resistant sack paper contributes to water protection and sack strength even in wet conditions. 2. Sealed barrier film ensures water and moisture protection, resulting in top shelf-life performance. 3. Inner ply: High porous QuickFill sack paper accounts for superior strength and filling performance. 4. A top deaeration system allows for excellent filling performance.

RainSafe gives you

  • Four-hour rain protection
  • Secured shelf life
  • Renewable paper
  • Attractive appearance

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Where to buy the RainSafe concept

In Europe – please contact our network of approved partners:

Other Regions - please contact your local BillerudKorsnäs office

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