Medical & Hygiene

Above all, packaging for medical devices needs to be sterile and safe – but also environmentally sound. At BillerudKorsnäs we know that renewable paper is a sustainable alternative that delivers on all these aspects.

Sterile & Pharmaceutical Packaging

Protective packaging solutions made from fibre-based materials are not only safe for patients but also a good opportunity to challenge fossil-based solutions. Fully renewable packaging also delivers consistent quality and is a cost-efficient investment in the future.


We have decades of experience developing paper for sterile medical packaging from pure and strong Kraft paper – and in helping our partners benefit from innovative pharmaceutical packaging.

Sterile & Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials


Kraft Paper Medical

Release liner


Targeting plastic waste in our oceans

Beyond Plastic Med, a two-day conference in Monaco earlier this spring, raised important questions concerning  plastic waste in our oceans.

Stretching the boundaries of packaging

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Huge opportunity for Helpful Brands to gain market shares

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