Born in nature, formed by the sea


Nothing should last forever, neither should packaging. It’s time we start repaying the planet and one step towards a better tomorrow is paper based materials. Just like an ocean gem, Pearl is a beautifully shaped paper pod born in nature and formed by the sea.  

Unique shapes for unique products


After a series of successful collaborations, BillerudKorsnäs and Syntegon Technology are back to take on a new project within right-sized packaging. Previously, our joint efforts have resulted in projects such as the world’s first Sealed Paper Packaging system, and a uniquely designed prototype for a first generation concept package, named Grow. Read more below

Pearl is the next step in the same collaboration as Grow, moving into industrial production, unique formability and deeper formed pods. It is a sustainable shaped paper pod for desirable product samples, inserts, refills, portion packs and disposable packaging, long-awaited by brand owners with high environmental ambitions.

What makes Pearl special is the 3D-properties of BillerudKorsnäs FibreForm® paper, and packaging production knowledge of Syntegon Technology, that enable deep forming and beautiful embossing of the paper shell.

Stands out in different occasions

The tactile, sensual experience, along with the unique embossing and shape, creates potential business opportunities by influencing a wide range of audiences in various retail situations, for example through in-store campaigns or product demonstrations at an event or fair.

Customised to any need and product

Pearl is a concept for uniquely shaped and right-sized packaging, with the tactile feeling reflecting the brand and content, and that keeps your products safe as a pearl in an oyster. Not too small, or too big, but completely customized according to your needs.

We invite you to join our journey

What we present you here is not the final solution – it is an invitation to join the journey, have an opportunity to shape it your way, and let it support your business. Together, we can do more for a sustainable future. Get in touch, and we are happy to tell you more about shaped paper pods.



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An invitation to join the journey

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Syntegon Technology and BillerudKorsnäs intensify innovation collaboration